Cloverdale’s Retro Store

Step back to the Mid-Century period of the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s when traditional design  was replaced by the sleek, edgy, unmistakable look of the new age that followed World War II.

Think ‘Mad Men’ cool or ‘LA Confidential’ vintage noir and you’ll find it at Cloverdale’s newest retro store—Retro Mod. You could:

  • Enhance your vinyl record collection (especially if you collect Elvis or The Beatles)
  • Own a piece of quality ‘costume jewellery’—some of the best ever made (think Sherman and Coro)
  • Stir up a batch of cocktails in an original etched glass martini shaker
  • Decorate your Tiki bar with ebony figures from Hawaiian Originals and CoCo Joe

You’ll love Retro Mod

We have lots of quality Danish Modern Teak furniture, one-of-a-kind lamps, and home decor galore – items that once graced the homes of baby-boomer parents – are all waiting for you at Retro Mod Mid Century Consignment.

We’re easy to find in Historic Downtown Cloverdale across the street from Michauds Spa Salon & Wellness Centre.