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Authentic Ernesto Zepeda painting

Ernesto Zepeda signed original oil painting' please also enlarge this photo

Ernesto Zepeda signed original oil painting.

Born in Honduras, Ernesto Zepeda studied sculpture at the School of Fine Arts, Tegucigalpa under reknowned Mexican sculptor Mario Zamora, and later painting at the Art Institute of Chicago and with Alexander Chidichimo.

A world traveler, Zepeda is most known for ethnic portraits, many of them based on his travels.

His work is associated with the Southwest Artists Group, and reflects Taos School mastery with his concentration on the Pueblos and Reservation life of the Southwest native peoples, together with his techniques drawing from the masters of classical modernism.

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Rare Mixed Media Purse by O.E.L. Graves

Rare signed purse by mixed media painter, sculptor, artist O.E.L. Graves.

Graves was born in Canada but spent most of his life in California and in particular Palm Springs. Highly collectable custom designed piece by the late artist.

O.E.L. (Bud) Graves was born in London, Ontario Canada, and as a young boy took an interest in drawing, which included pastel sketches drawn on sandpaper.

Graves experimented constantly with new media and techniques for expressing his art.  His works include delicate watercolors, fine detailed portraits, impressionist oils, sculpture in metal, and some techniques of his own invention, including the “sculptured painting” which is skillfully displayed in his favorite work, “Ptolemy’s Daughters”. This technique required applying oil paint in heavy layers to masonite or board, and then carving into it to produce high relief.

Many big-name Hollywood stars and famous celebrities of the mid-20th century purchased O.E.L. Graves’ originals, including Clark Gable, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Winthrop Rockefeller, Robert Guggenheim, and others.